Debtor Advisory

We help companies experiencing conflict or stress with their senior lender or other creditors.  In many cases, fatigue or tension is the result of a default, substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, or a forbearance agreement.

Faced with one or more of these serious and perhaps unfamiliar threats, debtors need an experienced advisor to help them preserve or dispose of assets, repair relationships with creditors, restructure debt, or find a new lender if necessary. Debtors need an advocate able and willing to negotiate vigorously with creditors, without conflict of interest.

BlueWater Partners is different.

We do not represent lenders, nor do we depend on their referrals.  We exclusively advise debtors – business owners, shareholders, boards of directors, and managers.

So, when a commercial loan officer, loan workout officer, or special assets group gives you or your client a list of consultants and encourages you to engage one of them, take a step back.  Choose your own.  Talk to BlueWater Partners before you make a decision.

Our Debtor Advisory Services include:

  • Preserve assets and shareholder value
  • Negotiate with special assets groups and loan workout officers
  • Prepare 13-week cash flow
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Interim financial and operational management
  • Identify new senior or junior lenders
  • Find alternative financing sources
  • Source additional equity (capital) infusion
  • Restructure balance sheet and operations
  • Rationalize inventory, headcount, and other assets
  • Divest underperforming or unproductive  assets
  • Advise debtor on unsecured creditor matters