Merchant Banking

We invest in performing and under-performing lower middle market manufacturing, distribution and service companies. We are particularly interested in special situations where we can add value through our financial and operational experience.  Characteristics of special situations may include:

  • Owner/operator wants to retire,
  • Slow growth or significant concentration,
  • Turnaround, and
  • Out of favor industry.

We are sensitive to the interests of management, employees, community and other stakeholders. We are not a fund—we invest our own capital alongside a group of clients and other accredited investors. This enables us to be patient, long-term investors.

Short-term, we use our hands-on operating experience to help management address weaknesses and threats and improve performance. Long-term, we build shareholder value by working closely with management as members of the board.  We provide strategic advice and assistance with add-on acquisitions, divestitures, capital sourcing and continuous improvement.

Investment Criteria

  • $10 million to $100 million revenue
  • $0 to $2 million EBITDA (more as a co-investor)
  • Performing and under-performing, mainly special situations
  • Manufacturing, distribution, and business services
  • Midwest, southeast, and southwest