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Rethinking A Sales Strategy

Whether you’re thinking about a divestiture or a sale of your company, or if you’re in the middle of an operational turnaround or managing your business as usual, maintaining and growing sales are critical to your success. That’s why every business needs a disciplined approach to selling. One such approach is outlined by Robert B. […]

Valuing Closely Held Companies

Changes in the U.S. equity capital markets during the past several years have caused significant shifts in shareholder value for both publicly and closely held companies. While shareholders of public companies can easily measure the magnitude of these changes, their impact on the value of closely held firms is less clear. The management teams of […]

What’s an Investment Banker’s Role in a Business Sale?

When you think “investment banker,” does your mind immediately jump to Wall Street? Many minds do. Truth is, investment bankers also have a substantial presence on Main Street. As a matter of fact, they’re absolutely critical in middle-market company sales. Investment bankers can immeasurably enhance the sale of privately held businesses, providing valuation counsel, identifying […]

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Cut Costs

According to Mark Zandi at Moody’s Economy.com (www.economy.com), the economy has probably been in recession since late 2007. Moreover, the firm’s weekly survey of business confidence has plunged over the past month, and expectations regarding the outlook for the next 6 months are as bleak as they have been in the almost 6 years of […]