Featured Discussion: Consulting in Today’s Environment Requires Flexibility

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    How has the turnaround environment transformed over the past few years?

In the past, workout professionals were primarily contracted to transition problematic borrowers out of a crisis of some sort by banks. Today, turnaround professionals are more often working directly with borrowers on how to evaluate strategic alternatives, address management/leadership capability gaps, or consider sale/leasebacks as a way to inject liquidity into a company.

Mark was interviewed by Michael Toglia, Publisher of ABL Advisor. Their discussion covered hot topics in Turnaround.

  • When seeking to inject liquidity into a company, outside of utilizing various lending sources, what strategies are borrowers implementing to access required liquidity?
  • Will the rising interest and inflation rates in the U.S. cause an increase in the number of crisis engagements for consultants?
  • What sectors will be most impacted by the rise in interest rates and supply chain issues causing economic hardship for borrowers?

How We Can Help: Recent Examples

  • Healthy companies debating where/how to invest for growth
    • Decision support – identify & evaluate options; model scenarios
    • Disposing of business units not aligned with go forward strategy
  • Leadership teams evaluating options to upgrade finance & operations talent
  • Companies considering sale/leaseback of owned RE to invest in operations
  • Auto suppliers facing customer resistance to price increases on unprofitable contracts
  • PE and family-owned firms exploring feasibility of management buyouts (MBO)

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