Investment Banking: Wood Products Manufacturer


A high performance, privately owned manufacturer of Wood Products to the housing market prepared for new ownership.


  • After founding the company and building it for 24 years, our client wanted to spend more time with his family.  However, he did not want to exit completely, as he still enjoyed his customer relationships.
  • Our client wanted to make sure the company he built continued as a going concern and key employees retained their positions.


  • Our client hired BlueWater Partners to act as its exclusive financial advisor and pursue a sale of the company to a qualified, professional manager.
  • Met with our client and key personnel individually to understand their needs and desired outcomes, and developed a scenario that satisfied our client’s wishes for him and his personnel.
  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of our client’s business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Developed a set of criteria for the ideal successor to the founder.
  • Developed a detailed Offering Memorandum and executed a marketing plan against a targeted list of buyers located throughout the Midwest.
  • Analyzed, negotiated and reviewed potential deal structures and tax implications with several interested parties.


  • Our client was acquired at a valuation equal to 9.2 times EBITDA. Terms included cash, a small note, a long-term lease of the real property and an employment agreement.
  • We generated three (3) qualified Letters of Intent, which enabled our client to maximize the value received for the company and realize his other desired outcomes.
  • Our client was able to hand pick his successor and ensure all key personnel remained with the company in the same positions they held pre-acquisition.
  • Our client is able to spend more time with his family while continuing to manage customer relationships.


Published with client permission