BlueWater runs deep.

As we head into the recovery phase of the COVID-19 crisis, leaders are thinking about what financial steps they should take to maximize stakeholder value. At BlueWater Partners we know skimming the surface of our client’s business is neither in their best interest nor ours. We dive deep, ask tough questions and aren’t afraid to present an alternative that runs counter to our client’s intuition. Although the current landscape is uncharted, our experience can help companies identify a true picture of their business and its value.

We are committed to supporting and helping you navigate this ever-changing landscape. For guidance on your business’ specific situation, please email Ron Miller. 

Crisis Analysis and Recovery Planning

Consider your company’s answers to the following questions:

  • Do we have adequate liquidity to make it through the trough?
  • How do we fund a fast or slow recovery, especially if receivables are down and payables are up? Will we need an external source of capital?
  • Are our customers and suppliers healthy, and able to perform?
  • How much of our Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan will be forgiven, and what will be the debt service requirements on the remaining term debt?
  • If our secured lender has deferred principal and/or interest payments for 90 days, what happens if they decide not to extend for another 90 days? Which terms might change or be modified temporarily or upon renewal?

Be proactive. Focus on liquidity.

BlueWater Partners can help you prepare a cash burn analysis, a rolling 13-week cash flow model, and a comprehensive recovery plan. Email Ron Miller for guidance on your business’ specific situation.

About BlueWater

We help businesses identify and navigate a range of strategic alternatives, specializing in senior-level advice on mergers, acquisitions, capital sourcing, performance improvement, turnarounds and merchant banking. We understand middle market companies and what drives value, from both a business and relationship perspective, because we are experienced managers and shareholders as well as advisors.


We help healthy, underperforming and distressed businesses build enterprise value, preserve assets, stop cash burn, increase cash flow/profitability, satisfy obligations, and maximize exit value. Our proven process considers both financial and operational restructuring. We understand the stress as well as the value of consistent communication, conflict resolution and the alignment of interests among stakeholders including secured and unsecured creditors, shareholders, employees, customers and communities.

Investment Banking

Creating, managing and realizing shareholder value in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace is difficult at best. It helps to have an experienced financial advisor bring additional resources and perspective to the task. Our goal is to develop strategic, long-term relationships with our clients and be among their most important advisors.